One Year Later | ASL Family Photo Session

one thing that i pray a lot about is that God will help me use my talent to bring happiness to others.  and He will guide me to where i need to be and to use my photography as a way to document beautiful moments in both my life and the lives of others.  and this ASL family photo session is just one of the many reasons why i am thankful for my path with photography.  this path has introduced me to so many people, but it is the families like this that really have me grateful.  not only is this family beautiful and kind, but the parents are my heroes.

just last year i met them for the first time when their son was a few weeks old.  we took their very first photos as a family of three and documented everything that was brand new about their little family.  it was during that session that they told me their little boy had failed his newborn hearing screening test in the hospital and that they were on a path to further testing.  shortly after, they were given news that their son is deaf and their journey with CI’s and ASL began.  when i arrived for their family session, one year later, their sweet boy was napping…giving us a chance to catch up on the past 365 days and for them to give me just the tiniest of a glimpse into their daily life.

today, life is beautifully busy for this family of three.  whether it is ASL lessons, therapy, or doctors appointments, this family is constantly on the go.  and that is why they are my heroes.  not only are they navigating this journey beautifully with their son, but they are also inspiring others along the way.  they are smiling, laughing, sharing their story and enjoying each and every milestone with their sweet little boy.  and let me tell you, this little guy is the sweetest boy i have ever photographed.

he is a little flirt!  and i may have kissed his toes a time or two.  because, i just had to!  his smiles are contagious and his little giggle melts hearts.  but above all, the way that he looks at his parents with adoring eyes is heartwarming.  this family is so lucky to have one another and i am so honored to have been invited into their home to photograph this time in their lives for them.  i only hope that i can continue to photograph their family and their special moments as this little boy grows and grows.

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One Year Later | ASL Family Photo Session

One Year Later | ASL Family Photo Session | Bethadilly PhotographyOne Year Later | ASL Family Photo Session | Bethadilly PhotographyOne Year Later | ASL Family Photo Session | Bethadilly Photography

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