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The First Month | DC Newborn Baby Photographer

spending saturday morning with this sweet new family of three was an honor.  at almost one month old, this sweet little girl is completely adored by her two parents.  and just like all parents during their first month, this new mama and daddy continue to learn more and more about their sweet baby every day….

Another Little Girl! | Roslyn Newborn Photographer

one of my very favorite families is back and they have a new member of the family!  and she’s a sweet girl!  more girls for this daddy and he couldn’t be happier!  and you can see why…because he is completely surrounded by gorgeous girls who have the sweetest of smiles.  i met this sweet family…

A Lucky Little Sister | McLean Newborn Photographer

i am convinced that this is one of the sweetest families i have ever worked with, hands down.  oh my goodness, this family is not only kind and loving towards one another, but they are so much fun.  as they welcomed me into their home on sunday to meet there littlest addition, everyone was completely…

Day 12 | Tysons Corner Newborn Photographer

this little guy had his very first photo session on saturday and he rocked it!  as his parents gave him a fresh bath, dressed him in his outfit and combed his full head of hair, he looked around his room and became infatuated with the click of my camera shutter.  i was totally honored to…