Day 12 | Tysons Corner Newborn Photographer

this little guy had his very first photo session on saturday and he rocked it!  as his parents gave him a fresh bath, dressed him in his outfit and combed his full head of hair, he looked around his room and became infatuated with the click of my camera shutter.  i was totally honored to photograph this sweet family of three’s first family photos and watching them cuddle their sweet boy was so heartwarming.  being a tysons corner newborn photographer is honestly the best job ever, as i get to not only document everything tiny and sweet about newborns, but also document the first days of parenthood.  being a newer mama myself, i remember how the first newborn days are an equal mix of love, laughter and a little bit of nervousness.  but these two parents are completely naturals!  it’s amazing to see how, in just 12 days, parents can learn so much about their new little ones.  from what time of day they are their best self, to how they like to be held, to what each of their cries mean…it’s so sweet to see parents quickly learn every little thing about their new baby.  and as they cuddled their little boy close, gave him sweet kisses and kept him cozy during his first session, the love in their eyes was and is very evident.  one thing i know for sure is that this couple makes a wonderful team and are two of the sweetest people ever.  their little boy is so blessed to have the two of them as parents and i see a lot of fun and laughter in the future for these three beautiful people.  i only hope to document even more of their sweet moments, as their little boy grows and their beautiful journey as a family continues.

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Day 12 | Tysons Corner Newborn Photographer

Day 12 | Tysons Corner Newborn Photographer | Bethadilly PhotographyDay 12 | Tysons Corner Newborn Photographer | Bethadilly PhotographyDay 12 | Tysons Corner Newborn Photographer | Bethadilly Photography

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