Day 15 | Alexandria Newborn Photographer

as an alexandria newborn photographer, my job comes with so much cuteness.  i mean honestly, i just get to hang out with the sweetest new babies all the time and chat with their amazing parents.  and being a newer mama myself, there is nothing i love more than trading first time parenting ups, downs and in betweens.  it is a beautiful journey, and this sweet family of three is just starting theirs.  when i first met this sweet mama, she was so nervous that her little one was going to make a fuss for his photo session.  but he was absolutely perfect.  even better, he stayed awake and batted those beautiful big eyes at my camera throughout most of the two hours i was with him.  everything from his gorgeous full head of hair to his sweet tiny toes was just perfect and boy, did he enjoy the clicking sound of my camera shutter.  as his parents cuddled and kissed him, he looked up at them with his cute eyes and simply took in the moment.  if there is anything that i love about newborn sessions, it is watching a new baby take in the world around them.  and this little guy simply stared around the room and at his parents with eyes of wonderment.  if there is one thing i know for sure, it’s that this sweet family of three is completely smitten with one another and their best moments are just beginning.

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Day 15 | Alexandria Newborn Photographer

Day 15 | Alexandria Newborn Photographer | Bethadilly PhotographyDay 15 | Alexandria Newborn Photographer | Bethadilly Photography

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