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one of the best things about being an alexandria baby photographer is that i get to watch my clients grow up.  i get to meet my clients when they are days old and watch them turn into independent and happy little one year olds.  when they were once cradled in their parents arms, they are now learning to walk and say the cutest baby babble ever.  and it’s not just the babies who change throughout the first year, but it’s the parents as well.  those nervous parents that i meet when their little one is newly home from the hospital are now more confident and enjoying every little thing that their baby does.  okay, so they are still a little nervous.  but all parents are.  that is the story of this sweet family.  i met them right after they became a brand new family of three and seeing them again as their little one reaches one year old was so much fun!  while their little girl has definitely grown since i last saw her and she has changed so much, one thing has stayed the same…her parents completely adore her.  they look at her with adoring eyes and genuinely enjoy every smile and every sound she makes.  i think this family is simply the sweetest and i hope to photograph even more of their sweet moments as their little girl grows and grows.

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Her First Year | Alexandria Baby Photographer

Her First Year | Alexandria Baby Photographer | Bethadilly Photography

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